Bundle of Dreams®

Bundling Safety and Comfort into Healthier Sleep

100% Breathable, Healthier, Safer, Hypoallergenic

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This perfect mattress bundles health and safety into a more comfortable night sleep for your little ones

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Zero Harmful VOC's
Zero Harmful Emissions
Zero Foam
Zero PVC's
Zero Chemical Flame Retardants & Fiber Glass

What is the Bundle of Dreams® Difference?

Our Bundle Fiber™ core is made from durable binder fibers that give it the strength & elasticity of your highest grades of foam. Unlike foam, it provides 100% breathable comfort with no off-gassing or harmful VOC's to ensure a safer night sleep. It's dual purpose, sleep surfaces give your little one the firm support they need in their infancy, and the cozy memory feel for your toddler.

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“As parents we are always looking for eco-friendly products for our little ones. Bundle of Dreams was designed by parents who know what it's like to be concerned about their child's safety- that's why the mattress is hypoallergenic with no off-gassing or VOCs.”

Elena Epstein

Director of National Parenting Product Awards

It's not foam, it's not latex...

It's eco-friendly and hypoallergenic!

With all the necessary features in mind, the mattress has an Organic Cotton, water repellent, machine washable cover.  The Bundle Fiber™ core crib mattresses are made with a full perimeter edge support.  Air passes directly through the entire mattress to help regulate body temperate to maintain a more comfortable night sleep.

Why Not Foam for Babies?

All foam is made with chemicals and petroleum.  It emits VOC's and off-gasses.  When it comes to infants and children, why start their lives off letting them inhale potentially harmful gases?

The Features that Matter

Only the finest for your bundle of joy
100% Breathable

With the perfect blend of healthier materials, air easily flows through the entire mattress keeping your baby comfortable while they rest.


It's hard to know what your child will have sensitivities to at their most crucial stages of development. With no off-gassing, no chemical flame retardants, and no harmful emissions, why risk it?

Water repellent

Unlike polyethylene plastic or vinyl coverings, our water repellence is breathable, antibacterial, antimicrobial, VOC free, and eco-friendly.

Breathability does not overcome the importance for infants to sleep on their backs.

For Your Peace of Mind

Your mattress includes all of the features for your child's health and comfort. Your purchase includes everything you need to buy worry-free.
120 Day Guarantee

It's easy to guarantee the best crib mattress available.  We're confident you will love it.

Lifetime Warranty

We are proud to stand behind our craftsmanship.

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  • A Bundle of Dreams® for your bundle of joy: we bundled the best features available...

    With so many mattress options available, we bundled the best features from what was out there and added a few of our own to make a healthier, cleaner, breathable crib mattress.  We believe that you don't have to compromise your child's health and safety.  Available in sizes crib, twin, and full - this is the mattress that grows with your child!