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Limited Warranty

All Bundle of Dreams® products carry a limited lifetime warranty.

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This limited warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, damage from misuse, soiling and staining caused by grease, inks, cosmetics, bleach, dyes, solvents, corrosives; intentional or accidental damage/abuse, (i.e. cutting into the material); misuse/mishandling of the product and any of its components; or to a product that does not contain the original manufacturer's law tag.

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Best Mattress out there
Mathumitha N. on Dec 11, 2018
Buying this mattress for my son was the best mattress decision ever made. I was so skeptical when I was planning to order a twin mattress for my son, that I reached out to the company and asked lots of questions. I decided to move forward despite bundle of dreams being a new name and we loved the mattress. We ourselves prefer firm mattress over plush ones and end up sleeping with my son. Naturally this was our choice when we wanted a crib mattress too. I love that it is non toxic and safer and waterproof
An Incredible Mattress at an Incredible Price
John P. on Feb 07, 2019
Life without this mattress would be a bundle of nightmares. The cover is easy to remove and wash when there are accidents and the water repellent feature doesn't allow the quality foam to come in contact with the liquid in question. My dear little one has been sleeping through the night since week 11 on this mattress, clearly she is very comfortable and we have the mattress to thank. We are excited that we can flip the mattress over when she is older for a softer firmness, this feature allows the mattress to grow with our child saving us money. Do yourself a favor and listen to me, buy this mattress, you won't be disappointed.
Kylee C. on Dec 06, 2018
This crib mattress is absolutely the best! I researched and compared so many other mattress brands but could not find one that met my standards. Baby sleeps so well on this mattress, my husband is jealous.
Everything I wanted
Courtney on Jul 23, 2018
I've been doing a lot of research and came across Bundle of Dreams. They literally have every specification I could want in their crib mattress. This was a very easy decision and the crib mattress is as perfect as they say.
Top-of-of-the-line crib mattress
Sheila R. on Jul 14, 2018
Just bought 2 crib mattresses. One for my (grandmas) house and one for my children's home. They're thrilled and so are we. This is the best product on the market. Nothing else compares to Bundle of Dreams completely organic crib mattress.
Why would anyone not want
Anthony C. on Apr 15, 2018
Why would anyone not want all the best features in one mattress? Great bed.
Great Pillows too!
Anne J. on Jan 18, 2019
I bought the crib mattress for my daughter and a pillow for myself. All the reviews were right about the mattress. Really exceptional. The pillow was also perfect. I always moved around a lot in my sleep, and found that most pillows didn't work. This one does and I couldn't be happier.